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    There are many things that we do to make sure that your boat is taken good care for. Among many other things, we give it a thorough clean and preparation which involves sanding, masking and so on.

    We apply antifouling services which means that we apply the special coating on the bottom of the boat so that is protects the part that stays in the water from getting damaged.

    We will paint and refinish your precious floating asset so that by the time you get it back it is a beauty ready to be launched.

    What type of boats do we service?

    • Fibreglass
    • Wood
    • Aluminium

    What size of boats do we work on?

    • All trailer sizes.

    Do we do any work on engines? Yes.

    • We remove the corrosion from the engines
    • We paint the outboard engines

    We are also specialised in Nyalic Application.
    This is a very special product used for aluminium boats.
    We are approved applicators of this product.